Hi Pooja,

thanks for all your great work. Some - maybe stupid - questions:

1. What's the difference between string and text question type?

2. What's the difference between choice_matrix and matrix question type?

3. When you are done, will the Limesurvey survey engine use these new features for saving answer data? How do you plan the integration to be done? Won't there be a lot of code that has to be rewritten for saving and returning data?

Best regards,

Am 10.07.2011 19:46, schrieb pooja narula:
Hey All,

Work Status:
This week following question types have been implemented (a week before the timeline :)) :
with it's mappings to the front-end question types as given here: http://docs.limesurvey.org/Database+Storage+Engine+Project+M1+Database+Design#Question_Type_mappings With this the implementation phase is complete, now just integration and testing phase remaining.

Meeting Conclusions:
Decided to do testing before integration. Getting the know-how of the testing framework of CI: SimpleTester and get started with testing the full DBSE. Also, to work out on the integration details (when and where to start).

Any comments/suggestions are welcomed. The project action plan can be found here http://docs.limesurvey.org/Rebuild+the+database+frontend+using+CodeIgniter

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