I prefer to let c_schmitz answer your question but I know that he is busy these days so I will try to give some advice: In general you are right, these tasks are pretty connected. The database task was meant to introduce a new database layout. Currently all answer data is stored at one large table and when having lots of questions you ca run into the DB's column limit and have to split your survey. This should be solved (as part of the task).
The code porting to CodeIgniter should be done to put all the current code into an MVC framework for easier maintenance later on. Maybe it would be best to combine these tasks but we probably won't get enough slots for this and for one student it's hard to take care of both.

I hope this help to understand the issue a little more. Maybe Carsten can add some more explanations.

Best regards,
(Limesurvey Head of Support)

Am 07.04.2011 11:12, schrieb Adnan:
hello c_schmitz and other GSoC mentors,

I'm GSoC 2010 with phpMyAdmin http://www.imblog.info/category/gsoc-2 and pretty much interested in participating this summer with LimeSurvery's Ideas.

" Porting Front End LimeSurvey to CodeIgniter" or "Rebuild Database Front End "

I'm a bit late and had talk with c_schmitz over IRC channel about my proposal and writing today though.

I want to know why these both ideas are split into two ? whereas rebuild database front end wouldn't do the same Job ? as our aim to port the front end to CI whether we do in parts or rebuild the front end API's etc

waiting to hear and looking forward to submit my proposal today and be a team member of LS.
Muhammad Adnan
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