Hi Peter,

maybe you can outline on more detail to what extend your contribution will suffer from your studies and how long your vacation time will be. Usually we don't insist on a certain schedule if a user submits an application with a well structured timeline that makes sense and shows that he can stil cope with all the work. Worst case is that we have to fail the student if there isn't enough time to finish a task.

Regarding your patch: Thanks for that! User c_schmitz just became a father so time is pretty limited. Maybe anybody else can have a look instead?

Best regards,
(Limesurvey Head of Support)

Am 24.03.2011 19:04, schrieb Peter Smaill:
Hi All,

My name is Peter Smaill and I am a third year Chemical Engineer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. I am wanting to apply to Limesurvey for my first GSoc and in particular the Central participants database. 

Since I come from South Africa it will be a "Winter of Code" for me but as a result my my vacation isn't as long. So I was wondering how much of an issue it will be if I can't commit to full time work at the beginning and end of GSoc? I will, however, be able to make up for any lost time during my vacation. Would that be acceptable?

Also @c_schmitz(assigned) or any other willing developer:
I attempted a bug fix, Issue 05023 ([GSOC] html tags in statistics Excel export), about a week ago and was hoping some for some feedback if possible.

Peter Smaill

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