Hi @all,

I just received the message below which reminded me to remind you to please port your Google Code in ideas:

"Hi GCI Org Admins,

Firstly, a reminder that Google Code-in starts this coming Monday, 22 November at 8:00 UTC [1]. 

Secondly, a plea to you: please input your tasks for the students in Melange [2] ASAP. Please visit the site and click on "Create a task" or "Bulk Create Tasks" on the sidebar. You can queue up tasks as well so that the students can't see them on the first day and you're prepared if we get a lot of requests.

[1] - http://bit.ly/bMyfvt
[2] - http://google-melange.com


P.S. Chris told me to tell you all he's worried about this, so please keep in mind he's watching as well to make sure you all do it. :-)"

Best regards,

Am 09.11.2010 16:42, schrieb Marcel Minke (Limesurvey):
Hi everyone,

I have started porting my tasks from the Limesurvey idea page to the Google Code in App. To have a consistent layout of all tasks I created a simple template which everybody can/should use for their task description.

One problem I haven't found an answer for yet is how to set the "time to complete". It's hard to estimate the time it takes to complete a task and to find tasks that are not too capacious. Keep in mind that a student receives $100 when he/she has finished 3 tasks from our list. Therefore I think that a task in general shouldn't take more than 4-8 hours which makes the student earn about 4-8 Dollars per hour (just a general suggestion). Bigger tasks could be splitt up into 2-3 sub-tasks.

Please port your ideas as well, add new ones and apply to be a mentor. This is a great chance to improve documentation, test new features, getting translations updated and so on!

Best regards,

Am 08.11.2010 16:57, schrieb Carsten Schmitz:
Hi everyone,

for your Google Code-In mentorship please register at 
and let me know your user ID so I can add you as mentors accordingly. 
(please send  a short email to me)
Anyone frome the LimeSurvey team is invited to mentor - so don't hold back.
Also don't be afraid as these are very short mentoring periods - usually 
only a couple of days with one student.

Thank you!

Best regards from Hamburg/Germany

Carsten Schmitz
LimeSurvey project lead

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