Le 09/11/2010 13:23, Andrie de Vries a écrit :
Dear developers.

I have made a substantial change to the survey translation screen:
  1. Grouped related topics on the same page.  For example, Survey title and description are on the same page.  Likewise, question group and group help, etc.  This partially implements a suggestion by Menno.  In my view this is a big improvement, since it reduces the number of tabs and keeps the translation context.

Great news, thanks.

  1. Started to add support for translation of email templates.  At the moment, I have only coded the invitation email and the reminder email. 
Ok, have you called FCKeditor with correct parameters so that LimereplacementFields shows the placeholders corresponding to email templates ?

Questions and issues:

In the past the workflow was different: the email templates were part of the survey Text elements, and thus could be edited without a token table.
Technically there is no reason why we should prevent editing email templates when no token table is set. However semantically, this is only useful if a token table is set of course.

I think the issue is that we can't access the Token actions before activating  a token Table.
Maybe we should think about another workflow:
* access to the Token GUI is available at any time without requiring to create a token table
* Add an icon to Create/Delete the token table
* Let the Icon to edit the email templates
* Let the current behaviour of LS while activating a survey: ask the user if he wants to switch to closed-access survey by creating a token table

Or change the default workflow... if this meets users' requirements...

What kind of modifications would you like to do in this CSS ?