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Betreff: Re: Lime Survey
Datum: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:31:49 +0200
Von: Ryszard Kwiecień <ryszard.kwiecien@nasza-klasa.pl>
An: Carsten Schmitz <carsten.schmitz@limesurvey.org>
CC: Edward Mężyk <edward.mezyk@nasza-klasa.pl>

Hi Carsten,

actually the use of group tokens is special. We use it in peculiar cases. We use it when we have selected a bunch of people and set of products and there is a need to let people assess only some part of these products (not all of them) and we wanna make sure that these people will take part in survey not more than X times (X is set by us individualy for every token in tokens table in column `usesleft`).
I know we could ask a respondent in the first question "what product do You assess?", but that solution has at least 3 drawbacks:
- it's a redundant question (the fewer questions the more probable that people will finish a survey)
- we can't limit a user to fill a survey to X times
- we can't force people to choose choose products evenly (I mean, that if we have 100 people, 10 products, and we want people to assess only 3 products it may happen, that no-one will assess product no 6. With group tokens we can force people 1-10 to assess products 1, 2 and 3, people 11-20 to assess products 2,3,4 and so on... thus we can have quite even number of answers to each product)

There is another case in which we can use group tokens. For example when we have a bunch of people divided for 3 groups: leftists, centrists and rightists (it's difficult to divide people in these 3 groups on the basis of age, sex, education, etc.. in that case people like social researchers assigns people to these groups before we start a survey). After people answer the survey we can easily check what each group thinks on the subject (we can group by `gtid` group token table {DBPREFIX}usedtokens_{SRID})

short FAQ:
1. What is group token?
  It's extention to ordinary token. It allowes user to use one token to answer a survey multiple times with one token yet each time using other group token.
2. How to enable group tokens?
  Group tokens can be enabled in tokens managing panel (under condition that ordinary tokens are enabled). By default there is created a new table for group tokens. We have also ability to restore archivered group tokens. After enabling group tokens there are additional options available:
  - list of group tokens (with the ability to edit and delete them)
  - add group token
  - generate group token
  - remove group token table
3. How to disable group tokens?
  In order to disable group tokens choose the last option from group token panel (it's easy to find). Then group tokens table would be archivered (it can be restored) and group tokens will not be saved in a survey.
  Group tokens are also disabled after disabling ordinary tokens.

4. How to browse answers by group tokens?
  Firsty group tokens must be enabled. Then in the answers view there is available research group filter. By choosing a group token we can reduce answers list to that one group.

W dniu 2010-10-21 15:30, Carsten Schmitz pisze:
Hello ,

we have patched 1.91 now with your changes.

There are a couple minor issues with the patch but in general it looks
What we don't understand yet is the group tokens feature. Can you give a
detailed explanation of how to use it?
In general (and from what we understood so far) we think it is too
special to be taken over (you should have discussed this feature with us

Let me know!

Best regards from Hamburg/Germany

Carsten Schmitz

LimeSurvey Project Leader


Best regards,
Ryszard Kwiecień