Dear developers

Here is a quick status update on the development of the survey translation feature.

I had a discussion with Carsten earlier this week, and we agreed on the following:
  1. I have joined the development team, and have access to the codeline
  2. Since this feature is in some senses a standalone feature, it is a good project for a newbie, so I'll do a substantial amount of work by myself, with some mentoring by Carsten
And we made some architectural decisions:
  1. This feature will be built into the main admin functionality of LimeSurvey.  This requires translators to login, but it maintains the security model.
  2. So, step one is to create a "survey translation" screen.
  3. Step two is to create a new user security type, called translator.  Only users with translation rights will be able to access this screen.  The survey administrator will be able to create new users with translator status, so this requires a change to the survey security part of the system
My approach will be as follows:
  1. Create the admin screen, and restrict access to administrator users.  This step allows me to build and test most of the core functionality, and get an alpha quality demonstration built into the system as soon as possible.
  2. Modify the survey security elements to create a new user type.
I shall post occasional status updates to the mailing list, and will let you know once I start submitting my changes to the dev codeline.