Hi Amit,

progress looks fine so far, thanks a lot for all the work done!

Didn't you set up a test installation which can be used for testing? Would be great to add the link to it (plus login data) at your weekly mails so we can test and also at the forum so other users can test on this system without having to grab the files from SVN. Will result in much more user input I think!

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Am 08.06.2010 17:41, schrieb Amit Shanker:


The Advanced File Uploader has been implemented and is fully functional, well almost fully functional ;-)

So, Now one can do the following using the advanced file uploader:

The following still needs to be done with regard to the Advanced File Uploader.
The uploader works, but looks a little ugly, as we are yet to work on the template. Also, there are a couple of form fields for debugging purposes and are going to stay there for a while during the development period. These will be set to hidden once the uploader becomes stable.

So, go ahead and give it a shot !
You can grab a copy of this dev version with File Upload Question Type at

Select 'File Upload Type' in the question type while creating a question. You will have to create the directory "limesurvey_dev/upload/tmp" and give write permissions. If you come across any bugs, please report them at bugs.limesurvey.org and assign them to 'texens'. 

The targets for the upcoming iteration (June 8 to June 15) are:

Implementation in

Looking forward to your feedback and comments,

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