Hi Andrei,

to cut a long story short: Conditions are a core feature for every survey engine. Since you have already worked with an RPN parser this seems to be a very good start. It is definately the best choice regarding your skills and the importantance of the project ideas.
Maybe you can search for some information in our wiki/on our mailing list about last years GSOC condition idea. Also take a look at conditions in Limesurvey 1.87. This is a good start for your final application at which you have to outline in which way conditions can be implemented, what logic and algorithms can be used, how the interface might look like and so on. Thibault - who already wrote back to you (thanks!) - is our expert, he implemented conditions for Limesurvey 1.x; if you have any question about Limesurvey 2 code contact Hai (macduy).

Thanks for your interest,
(Limesurvey head of support)

Am 24.03.2010 20:12, schrieb Burada Andrei:
My name is Andrei Burada from Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.
I am interested in developing for this project, especially for the new LimeSurvey 2 during the GSOC 2010 and beyond.

I worked with PHP and MySQL databases, jQuery and a lot of CakePHP. So I think it's great that the 2.0 LimeSurvey will be CakePHP-based (great choice).

I have a small problem tho: I can't decide on a specific project.

The most interesting thing is to implement the survey logic. I could first make the editor and the db storage engine and after that the integration with an actual survey.
I've already implemented a RPN parser project for a Data Structure course, so I also know the algorithmic part.

I could do the mini-projects, but I think that it's rather an easy project.

The Facebook application sounds interesting and since I developed a feature to an old project related to Facebook. The long story short: after you registered with that application which was linking cities with town-halls and with users, you had the option to import your Facbook profile in that site, and spare the time of completing the same infos all over again.
Also, like Mazi suggested, the Poll project would be great merged with the Facebook app.
The bad thing is that there is already a Facebook poll application. The good thing is that it isn't working :). So it would be great to make something usable for all the Facebook users.

I could also work at the survey community project. It would be great to actually have a db with a lot of questions and possible answers and all the community to submit their new questions. It would make a survey administrator's work a lot easier. The problem here is that you would have a lot of duplicate entries.
I suggest that it should be developed an algorithm that makes a matching percentage based on some tags. This would help the admin to decide easier if he activates the entry or deletes it.

So my question is: could you please give me some pieces of advice on what to chose? Because I presume that I can't work at multiple projects at the same time.

And another thing: I would be glad to continue to develop for the LimeSurvey 2.0 project after the end of GSOC (and possibly finish some unfinished GSOC ideas).

Best regards,

Burada Andrei
Computer Science student @ Politehnica University of Bucharest

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