Style page is for guidelines, not strict standards :)

The look and feel needed to find info quick is different in the document and based on content.  So strict standards are not the answer.  Sometimes too many widgets can be too much a distraction (think Bling!).  But a page with all the examples of things to use collected in one place can help give others ideas.

Marcel Minke (Limesurvey) wrote:

the overworked new page looks great. I think it would be helpful to have 
a page which lists everything which should be kept in mind when 
creating/editing/updating our wiki pages like
- always create a single section for each topic within the page
- screenshots should have no border and shouldn't extend 450px width
- always link other sections mentioned in the manual
- ...

Maybe Randy can set up such a page containing his ideas and the other 
team members can then share their opinions and add further guidelines?! 
But always keep in mind that we don't want to frighten other users by 
having very strict standards.

Any other opinions?


Randy Harr, Sevni schrieb:
Hello All,

To assist in the thoughts, I went ahead and edited one page with the new
structure in mind.  Check out
Some styling for note/hint/warning/idea boxes has yet to be introduced. 
And the page is not introduced into the "structure" so the navigation
aids from structures are not there yet.  The Table of Content (renamed
Page Summary) at the top is using the local page "maketoc" instead of
the structure global "toc".  "maketoc" is more appropriate for "leaf"
pages.  See how a more gentle introduction is added for totally new
users at the top.   I really like that you all include the "buttons"
inline with text already and replicated that here.

May be appropriate to introduce a documentation manual style page
somewhere to capture conventions you all want to start adopting so a
similar style can be a target.  Such a page can include items like "only
include screen shots or images that are a max 450 pixels wide"  (note:
if a larger size is needed for clarity, you can always make the smaller,
lower resolution image be a URL to the full / larger size -- a common
convention in the Wiki's these days.  It does not help to load a larger
size and then put a size specification in the reference as the image has
to be reduced dynamically each time it is viewed.)

If you think there may be more discussion on just documentation issues,
it can be all moved over to the "translation" list which seems more
dormant.  After all, this greatly affects translation and sometimes what
looks good for English pages can be lousy for Chinese, Hindi or other

Look forward to comments, history, and "style" lesson on your group,
Randy "GadgetSurplus"
Silicon Valley, California

Although I am a (very) experienced developer (even in volunteer
arena's), I am only looking to contribute by improving your English
documentation.  Hence, I am self-classified as an English-to-English
translator for your project :)  My motivation is from trying to support
a youth football (soccer) organization run by volunteer parents from
across the USA and from all walks in life.  While they all love taking
surveys (thanks in no small part to your great efforts here), I have
found it tougher getting them to create, edit and manage their own
surveys.  Hence the need for documentation that is a little more gentle
to introduce the program, terms and concepts.  I am integrating
LimeSurvey as a feature in a new TikiWiki site that is just rolling out
to help them help themselves (see  Never wanting
to do things that cannot benefit a wider audience, I am now editing
"TikiWiki for Smarties" and possibly your Wiki doc so improvements can
be shared by all.

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