Hi all, 
After a "slow" period, development of phpSurveyor is now getting back in full swing ! 
We've looked at the feature requests, bug report and support requests you all posted and have set ourselves a roadmap to prepare for version 1.0. 
Thank you all who posted messages, they do honestly help us to get a clearer picture of where to go. 
For now, we'll be setting our focus on: 
* Bug fixing 
* Making phpSurveyor capable to work with different database systems (we're looking into ADOdb and phpLib, but haven't decided what to use yet - suggestions welcome) 
* Making the templating system more robust and extracting the HTML code currently build within phpSurveyor so that this will be templatable as well. As a result of this we intend to make the resulting files comply to the W3C standards (again we're looking at several different standard open source systems including phpLib, but as before suggestions are welcome) 
* Overhauling the complete code to make it more maintainable and improve the (programmers) documentation. 
We do realize that we'll be disappointing some people with this list as they were hoping for new features soon. 
Because of the success of phpSurveyor, the code has grown and grown and basically grown out of bounds. Unfortunately that means that if we want to keep providing you with a quality product, getting the current code reorganized has to be our first priority. 
After this reorganization, it should be much easier for us to build on to this product with new question types and other additional features such as intermittent saving of questionnaires, so don't despair, but a bit of patience is requested. 
For now, we can't give a time scale for a new release, but work has started and we hope to be able to at least release a beta version before the summer. 
We know this sounds like a long time in the future, but considering we're talking about some 60.000 lines of code which have to be rewritten by only a few of us in our spare time, that is the most we can promise for now. 
Please do keep posting bugs, feature requests and support questions as they will help us in setting our focus for now and in the future. 
Concerning the bug tracker, we're looking at using another system and bringing out some patches for the current phpSurveyor version while the rebuild takes place. Carsten will be your focal point for that part of the project. 
Thanks you for your continuing support ! 
For the phpSurveyor development team, 
Jason, Carsten and Juliette 
aka (jcleeland, c_schmitz and jrf)