Think of LS2 is an app (and less of a website).
Fat client....similar to photoshop, lightroom, textmate, etc. And yes, iphone/android app should be in our sights (late this year).

Big targets are great. Look to your OS for some inspiration (not all but some)... very few targets are MONGO.
Always build FIRST for the intermediate/the repeat user... hence why most OS and fat clients don't overuse giant buttons. The repeat user knows generally where to go and what to do.


On Jun 11, 2008, at 7:51 AM, Minke, Marcel wrote:

In general I prefer bigger buttons at websites. Especially when you have to interact with the website it sucks when you have to be extremely attentive to hit a very small button/link/image. Sometimes you need a very skilful mouse treatment to hit a button. Thatís the way I donít like it.