There is no simple fix with that template – it is a “fixed-width” template, whereas the others are “floating-width”. The #index div will float over the survey contents in the other templates too if you make the window small enough.




From: Deepa Gupta []
Sent: November-30-11 3:49 PM
Subject: [limesurvey-developers] bug in mint_idea theme w/ Ques. Index




One of the surveys that my user made has a "Question Index" with "mint_idea" as the theme. On resizing the window to a smaller size(in width), the Question Index comes on top of the div box with the id="layout" which is containing all the questions of the survey. Whereas, on trying this same servey with other themes such as the "default" or "eirenicon" then on resizing the browser window, the id="layout" div box(containing the questions) resizes as the Question index absolute(css position) div box comes closer to it on decreasing the browser-window's size..and so, the question index doesn't slides over it. Is there a quick fix to this? I need to use the mint_idea theme only. 


Thanks in advance




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