Hi Srineth,

If you’re working on LimeSurvey 1.92+, then look in html.php - $surveysummary, starting around line 264 builds the survey toolbar.


If you’re working on the new LimeSurvey (2.0), look in the views, “surveybar_view.php”.


You’ll find examples in both of those files of how to programmatically build a survey URL.







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You’ll need to be a bit more specific than that.


Which pages do you want to add icons to? Where do you want to add the icons?


I want to do below change, 

1. to add additional icon for Survey window,(Active icon, Test survey icon,... ).


What I know is, by using which php files pages(source files) that icons are added.


Then can I know by using which php files, create survey URL?