My name is Marilyn Banister.  I am 50 yrs. old.   I live on a mountain in West Virginia.

Before I moved here, I lived and worked in Michigan 45 yrs.


I worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for 10yrs  and on GM accounts for 15yrs.  I have done everything from Help Desk to Project Management.  Back in the day I had my MCSE and CLP in Lotus Notes.

For the past 5 yrs. I have been a Graphic Artist, Website Designer, Photo Restoration, etc.  (Jack of all trades, master of none….smile).



I would love to help out the Limesurvey team in any way I can.  I have a project I needed to do and LS was the only program that had the capability I needed.  I do not have a lot of money and do appreciate the fact that LS is donations.  I would like to show my appreciation by helping out with my time.


I am not a coder…I can read it and understand most of it….I can’t write it from scratch though.


I am proficient in any Adobe software i.e. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.  I am also proficient in any Microsoft Office Software.  I have and do know how to use WAMP and XAMP.  I also have Database experience.


I would like to help by testing LS.  I played around with LS v2 and found many issues.  I am a good bug finder. 


I also had a hard time with the documentation, took much longer to find things than I expected and it not user friendly for someone who doesn’t know coding at all.  I would like to help with that too.


I have created a survey in LS v1.92 which I think would be very helpful and would like to submit and a few bugs/issues I would like to submit from LS v2.  Also I have connected directly to my survey using Excel…so there is no need to download a .cvs file and would like to write instructions for others on how to set that up.


Just letting you know I am willing to help in any way I can.


Take care,