Hello and Merry Christmas!
I hope you are having/had nice holidays.
First of all I want to thank the developers who put work into PHPSurveyor in the last year. There have been added some great features especially in the last half of this year. People are eager to use the new version since it offers alot of advantages compared to the 1.0.
So our primary goal for the first week in the new year is to get things ready for a new alpha release. Unfortunately there are a few things still unfinished where I need helping hands.
Primarily these are:
1.) Reorder feature for groups and question
This feature was javascript based but didn't turn out to work well with long/lots of questions since the javascript didnt know how to handle the scrolling insode tzhe browser window.
Either we find a script that works or we replace it with a list and standard up/down buttons.
2.) Security checks
If someone tries to call a script and is not logged in then the person should be forwarded to the login page immediately. That is not working right now.
3.) Language question
The language question type is started and shows a selection box with the survey languages but its not switching the language yet. Also it needs to bed editable through the user interface.
4.) Run Survey from the admin after language selection
If a survey has several languages there needs to be a language selection box before testing the demo survey so the user can simulate an entry in a special language.
5.) Documentation
These language and user admin feature are nice and cool but need to be documented. For example:I know there is a way to start the survey in a special language (Ronald implemented that) but I dont know how - Ronald.. can you please document this in the manual?
If anyone of you can take over one of the points above and work on it it would be great. Please write back so we know who is working on what feature and please tell us also when you think you are finished. I am always on IRC and/or ICQ and/or MSN, too.
I would like to do a release as soon as possible and I know some of you would like to see a new version as well.
If you have any question regarding development please ask using this mailing list. Hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards
Carsten Schmitz