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  • Jochen Haßfurter

    First of all: great job! Limbas is cool!

    I'd like to start a topic to collect limbas improvement suggestions from the point of view of an "frontend-admin"-user.
    Maybe some troubles or obstacles are already solved and I don't know it, so sorry for unjustified grouse…

    I have to create a lot of tables. There is a renaming feature - can you make a checkbox to turn it of, once it has been read?

    In magento, there is a fine feature, that the input fields are at the top of the browser page, no matter how much content there is on the page itself. In Limbas, you have to scroll down to create e.g. a new table. I have to insert 113 tables - means: scrolling down, filling out the field, scrolling down, filling out etc.
    Maybe there is a way to either restrict the number of tables which are displayed before the input fields or to lock the input fields at top of the page.

  • Axel Westhagen

    Axel Westhagen - 2011-02-17

    for 2)
    wow 113 tables .. is your solution for the NASA?
    I think its a good idea to bring the input forms allways to the front, maybe I will put the tablelist in a scrollable div-frame or something like that. This should be the same for fields.

    for 1)
    What  you mean with  "renaming feature"? to rename the tables? and for what you need the checkbox?


  • dataspill

    dataspill - 2011-03-03

    mesqualito - assuming you're not a German speaker, how did you work out Limbas? I have to admit I've not really tried to but it is an appealing looking package. I wrote to the Limbas company in Germany and they said that they expected that an English language version of Limbas might have to wait till a paying customer needed it. It's been a year or more since then, and as far as I know there is still no English version.

    I started google translating the documents but gave it up after a while. The docs are incomplete and out of date (afaik, at the time), so it seemed a bit pointless.

  • Jochen Haßfurter

    @A. Westhagen: ich hatte das GERMAN-Forum erst nicht gefunden ;-)
    Wir haben heute kurz telefoniert bezügl. Wartungsvertrag. Mein Problem konnte ich inzwischen mit Limbas erfolgreich lösen. Es wurden dann keine 113 einzulesende Excel-Tabellen; wir haben es auf 17 herunter gebrochen, reicht ja auch.
    Für 113 hätte ich langsam über einen Filter nachgedacht, bei 17 habe ich sie manuell angelegt.

    Jetzt werde ich meine Installation nochmal machen, da ich einige Fehler beim Anlegen der Tabellen (Erstinstallation Limbas) hatte, die sich jetzt rächen. Es fehlen immer wieder "Sachen": Undefined index, undefined variable, use of undefined constant…
    Kommt wohl daher, dass das Installationsskript manche Sachen übersprungen hat - ich habe nur noch ein Bildschirmfoto von "error by adding the stored procedure lmb_vkn", da kamen aber noch ein ganzer Schwung hinterher.

    Da jetzt bald Projekte für den Einsatz bei Firmen anstehen, werde ich mich demnächst etwas präziser mit Limbas auseinander setzen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Volkach

    Jochen Haßfurter


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