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LilyPondTool-2.12-r2 released

LilyPondTool-2.12-r2 released

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2009-01-30

2.10.4 released

* insert into asset editing enhance and fix
* created WhatBeat instead of what-beat.bsh, with fixes
* fix document wizard templates containing \relative to support other languages in relative
* upgrade mode file generator
* templates updated for instrumentName
* Linux filenames are quoted as well

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2007-02-17

2.10.3 released


Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2007-01-27

Migrated to SVN

I've migrated to SVN.

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2006-11-30

2.10.0-1 released

New release of LilyPondTool supporting 2.10.0

The most important change is that the new complex parser is quite stable. So you can safely turn it on, and set SideKick to parse on keystroke.

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2006-11-13

New release, new site

I've release the updated version of LilyPondTool. Also made a new site for support, documentation etc. at

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2006-09-06

New list: lily4jedit-user


because of the growing number LilyTool, I've created a new list. Now all feedback is welcome on it as well as on the project trackers.
The new list is



Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2005-01-21

LilyJHelp-2.4.2 released

Now it should not need JDK 1.5, only JDK 1.4 (untested though)

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-12-09

lily4jedit 0.2.6-1 released

I've made a release, because I was asked for it. It is now more or less compatible with LilyPond 2.4.x
You must use the new LilyJHelp package for it and also you need some new jEdit plugins (or new versions)

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-12-05

lily4jedit 0.2.5 released

I've decided to make a release to present the new features in their preliminary stage to the public. So this release is also sent to the jEdit plugin central. I hope it'll be in the next batch. I would be important, because 0.2.3 convert-ly is buggy. Enjoy,


Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-10-28

lily4jedit 0.2.3 released in jEdit Plugin Central

Because jEdit 4.2final will be released very soon, I cleaned up our plugin a bit, and released it in jEdit Plugin Central. That means, that from jEdit 4.2final LilyTool will be downloadable by using the jEdit Plugin Manager. LilyMode is already included in jEdit, so we can be very happy :-)

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-08-06

lily4jedit 0.2.2 released

I struggled a lot with the new API of jEdit 4.2, but now we have a 4.2-compatible release, with almost completely rewritten code assist, so it will be more easy to extend. New feature is the tooltips on properties (not only in completion list).

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-07-11

lily4jedit 0.2 final is released

I've uploaded 0.2 final. Now we are going to rewrite the plugin for jEdit 4.2.

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-07-03

lily4jedit Lilymode added to jEdit CVS

It seems that Slava Pestov has added LilyPond edit mode to the jEdit CVS. That means lilypond mode will be included in future jEdit releases and users no longer need to manually install it.
However, keeping a fresh version on the project page may be a good idea.

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-06-28

0.2 beta updated

A bug that prevented Linux users to run the templates (document wizard) is fixed.

A new feature:
You can use the document wizard for your own templates. You just have
to make a Velocity template according to the documentation of the
Templates plugin, and include the line
#parse ( "lilytool/templates/documentWizard.bsh" )</pre>
Then you can start your template (including the document wizard) by
clicking you template's name in the Templates Tree.

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-06-23

0.2 beta updated

I've found a serious bug in 0.2 beta, so I updated the binary.


Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-06-22

LilyTool for jEdit 0.2 beta available

Dear LilyPond users,

the 0.2 beta version of LilyPond plugin for jEdit is available now from

It has better integration with jEdit and cool new features.

News since 0.1:

- jDvi integrated into lily4jedit, so point-and-click is available, thanks to Johannes Schindler (Dscho) for his great work
- Automatic code completion for \override and \set - no longer needed to browse the documentation endlessly - if you hover on the name of a property with the mouse, you get the description in a tooltip box, the default value is expanded or a template is provided to fill in value. For example: if you type \override you can choose a context from a drop-down list, then choose the grob, then choose the property. All of these without errors, without opening the doc.
- New, lyrics-compliant document wizard implemented with Velocity templates and BeanShell
- Integrated midi playing (thx Dscho)
- Integrated cygwin shell (thx Dscho) - Now write cygwin commands directly in jEdit Console.
- Automatic hyphenation of lyrics using LaTeX's hyphenation engine. (see Plugins->LilyTool->do-lyrics).
- Easier future integration of macros and templates.... read more

Posted by Bertalan Fodor 2004-06-20

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