OK, I am having the most basic problem imaginable with getting LilyPond and LilyPond Tool to work together with JEdit on my MacBook Pro.

When I go to Process/View and choose Run LilyPond, I get a variety of errors.  I think they come down to not getting the path and/or start command correct.

So far as I can tell, I've got LilyPond 2.app installed under Applications.  I can see it there with Finder.

Under PlugIn Options, I have tried about every combination of path and "LilyPond command" to get the program started, and I get an error message every time.

Can somebody tell me what the path is supposed to look like?  Please spell it out precisely if you don't mind, because obviously I'm not smart enough to figure this out myself.

Also, should there be something under LilyPond command to start the program, and if so, what is it exactly?

I would really like to get past this initial problem so I can start using the LilyPond/JEdit/LilyPondTool combination, but I am hosed up at this one spot and really frustrated.

Seth Williamson