#18 Slur 'positions selector


Ok, I've read on the lilypond mailinglist that when lilypond compiles a score that has a slur in it, it generates a list of "acceptable" slur positions for that slur. So when you try to manually set the slur positions using \override Slur 'positions, it finds the closest acceptable slur in that list to the values you've chosen. So would it be possible to have some kind of feature in Lilypondtool where you can scroll through the acceptable slur positions, instead of guessing what they are? It would also be cool if a "preview" of the new slur could be drawn on the score, but even just having access to the list of values would be helpful.


  • Jonathan Wilkes

    Jonathan Wilkes - 2009-10-06

    I only know how to override 'control-points using the slur tool, which creates a fixed shape that does not stretch vertically when something in the score is changed. I would like a way to change 'positions, which offers a more flexible solution than 'control-points. But I want to choose from a list of lilypond's "possible slur shapes," as described here: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/lilypond-user/2009-10/msg00000.html


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