#50 Restart Lilypond spawns extra toolbar


When I click "Restart Lilypond," an additional lilypond toolbar pops up and won't go away. The only way I can get rid of it is to uninstall/reinstall LPT.

I've had to use "Restart Lilypond" to get reverse point-and-click to start working again (it's checked in the settings but something causes it to stop working, not sure what yet).

Winxp sp3


  • thSoft

    thSoft - 2009-09-14

    Do you mean "Development/Restart Lilytool"? Which versions of jEdit and LPT do you use? With jEdit 4.3pre17 and LPT 2.12.879, when I restart Lilytool, the toolbar disappears. I go to LilyPondTool options, the toolbar is enabled; if I click OK, then the two toolbars appear. But I can hide it fortunately when I click "Hide toolbar", or it disappears when restarting jEdit. Can you describe the behaviour precisely you encounter?

  • Jonathan Wilkes

    Jonathan Wilkes - 2009-09-18

    Sure, it's LPT 2.12.879, jEdit 4.3pre17

    Click "Development/Restart Lilytool"
    Now the toolbar is gone
    Plugins-> Plugin options-> LilypondTool-> General: click apply ("Enable LilypondTool toolbar" is already checked)
    Now there are two toolbars. If you go through the process again, there are three. But now it seems I can just exit and restart jEdit to get back to one toolbar- I don't have to reinstall LPT.

  • thSoft

    thSoft - 2009-09-22

    Yes, that's the behaviour I got too (on OSX btw), so I can confirm this. You can hide the first one without even having to restart jEdit, but it's annoying anyway.


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