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Peter Wullinger


LillyTab is a modular description logic consistency checker with support for (currently) a subset of OWL/DL and OWL2.

Migration Note

LillyTab is now over at github. The repository and downloads on Sourceforge here are no longer maintained.

Primary features

  • Artistic License.
  • Support for SHOF(D) (i.e. ALC with role hierarchies, transitive, nominals, functional roles and (XSD) datatypes.
  • Interface for loading OWLAPI ontologies (standard OWLAPI OWLReasoner interface is in the works.
  • documented interface to reasoner internals
  • modular architecture. Reasoner parts are easily replaceable, including e.g. axiom storage.
  • Test driven development. LillyTab uses JUnit tests to verify things do not break during development.