Lilith 0.9.35 has been released!

This release brings a big performance increase in both the Lilith application
itself and the Lilith appenders.

Additionally, Lilith now supports the import of LOG4J and
java.util.logging XML files.

Please see changes for more details on whats new.

- SEVERE: The StackTraceElements of the deepest nested Throwable were
silently ignored.
- Added header to Lilith file format.
- Using protobuf for the Lilith file format and transfer.
This results in big performance improvements.
- Opening *.lilith files
- Importing *.lilith files without *.index.
- Import of LOG4J XML files.
- Import of java.util.logging XML files.
- Added timeStampMillis to Lilith XML Event.
- Updated Logging XML Schema.
- Removal of obsolete *.ljlogging and *.ljaccess files.
- MessageFormatter: Special handling of array in case of a single placeholder.
- MessageFormatter: Special handling of java.util.Date. It's now converted to
ISO 8601 representation.
- LoggingEvent: added ThreadInfo.
- LoggingEvent: added LoggerContext.
- Added Copy action for selected content in details view.
- Added Copy action for selected content in help.
- Known problems and FAQ in help did not reflect the latest version.
- In case of #groovy#<scriptname> the script received that string
as search string. This has been fixed, now "" is used as search string.
- Install example groovy conditions if conditions folder is newly created.
- Detailsview displayed an error message if the file was just empty.
- In case of a new view, select first event if scroll to bottom is not enabled.
- Implemented a task-manager for searching, filtering and importing.
- Added support for NDC to LoggingEvent datatype.
- Created NDC for use with Lilith appenders.
- Updated LogbackLoggingAdapter to use the NDC of events.
- Better handling of malformed saved table layouts. Invalid column names are
ignored, missing names added.
- Added new table row "NDC" to logging table.
- NDC support in detailsView.groovy
- Updated XML Schema to include NDC.
- Implemented XML I/O of NDC.
- Added "Copy MDC" and "Copy NDC" actions.
- Groovy 1.6.2
- Added icon for mainframe and Mac app.
- Added output including port number in case of BindException during startup.
- DetailsView: Looks a lot nicer, now.
- DetailsView: Better support for multi-line messages of Throwables.
- Better help including more links, symbols for keys.
- Added progress indicator to statusbar in case of running tasks.
- Renamed "Show/Hide" to "Columns" as suggested by Joe.
- Dedicated sulky-tasks module. Deprecated previous implementation.
- Changed some licenses from GPLv3 to LGPLv3. Some poms didn't override the
license appropriately. Added some missing license infos.

Posted by Joern Huxhorn 2009-05-01

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