Lilith: 0.9.32 has been released!

Lilith is a Logging- and AccessEvent viewer for SLF4j/LOGBack.

- sulky: Made sure that TimeoutOutputStream-Watchdog-Thread
is stopped under all circumstances. Added testcases for
every scenario.
- sulky: Fixed a stupid problem that could result in a
deadlock in Lilith internal log view.
- Added documentation about "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space"
problem and implemented LogbackShutdownServletContextListener for
proper shut down of logback.
- Implemented changed message formatting logic introduced in SLF4J 1.5.3.
- Prepared for logback 0.9.10. This required changes to LoggingEvent
and contained StackTraceElements. Serialized LoggingEvents are not
compatible to previous version.
- New xml schema 1.1 to support logback 0.9.10 features, i.e.
CodeLocation, Version and Exact.
- Removed mac-specific UserNotification[..]EventConsumer because
it crashes the app if J2SE 6 is used. It didn't work, anyway :p
- Implemented StackTraceElement XML reader and writer to prepare
for java-independent stack traces, e.g. C#. This will later be
used for IDE integration like the IDEA plugin.
- detailsView.groovy does now support CodeLocation, Version and
Exact as well as null eventwrappers that can happen if
deserialization fails.
- "Show full Callstack." option.
- "Clean logs on exit." option.
- "Clean all inactive logs" on another thread.
- Made sure that every TimeoutOutputStream is *always* properly
closed in the multiplex-appenders. This should finally fix
"java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" problems in
webapps, at least those caused by Lilith. :p
For the record: Do *NOT* use IOUtils.closeQuietly
in multithreaded webapp code!!!
- Updated groovy dependency to 1.5.7.
- Prepared for transfer size statistics. You can't see anything, yet.
Added todos to relevant places.
- Updated SLF4J dependency to 1.5.5.
- Using Nimbus PLAF if available (and not Mac).
- Accept license once for every version.
- Checksum-check of existing groovy and css files. Auto-update if not
changed manually and newer version is available, e.g.
detailsView.groovy in this new version of Lilith.

Posted by Joern Huxhorn 2008-10-21

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