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Ebuild moved to new overlay

Posted by Mario Loderer 2014-09-07

lilac-reloaded 2.0.8 released

An new update has been released with mostly bugfixes.


lilac-reloaded 2.0.8:
- on installation timezone selection for australia and africa is enabled
- added new cgi-field nagios_check_command
- cannot delete escalation in hostgroups -> fixed
- exporter fails with no error when job name is blank -> fixed

Posted by The_Invisible 2014-07-11

Ebuild new Version

Ebuild in Version 2.0.7 is now in Gentoo overlay available.

Posted by Mario Loderer 2014-02-07

lilac-reloaded 2.0.7 released

An new update has been released with lot of bugfixes and features.


lilac-reloaded 2.0.7:
- added support for new Nagios 4 fields, marked deprecated options
- added new CGI fields
- added additional checks to avoid PHP flooding the logs
- marked fields that are deprecated in Nagios 4
- reenabled "restart nagios" function on export, added notice how to implement
- better error handling on database errors
- many bug fixes, see git log

Posted by The_Invisible 2013-12-06

lilac-reloaded 2.0.6 released

An new updated has been released again with lot of bugfixes and features.


lilac-reloaded 2.0.6:
- added support for custom object variables for hosts, services and contacts (and templates)
- fixed typo in fruity importer for NagiosHostContactGroup (should be NagiosHostContactgroup)
- improved autodiscovery feature, bugfixes and display enhancements

Posted by The_Invisible 2013-06-02

lilac-reloaded version 2.0.5

An new updated has been released, mostly with bug fixes.


lilac-reloaded 2.0.5:
- backup feature on exporting configurations is now working and better checked
- exporting hostgroup services no longer provide duplicate service entries
- sanity check on export is now working again (if you have problems with "check_result_path not writeable" please change the permissions for this feature to work properly)
- temp_path value was not set on update
- some other fixes, see git log for more information

Posted by The_Invisible 2013-03-31

lilac-reloaded version 2.0.4

Further update for lilac-reloaded to version 2.0.4

As everytime give it a try and leave your feedback here.

Posted by The_Invisible 2013-02-03

lilac-reloaded version 2.0.3

A new version of lilac-reloaded is released, please give it a try and let us know your feedback.

Posted by The_Invisible 2012-08-24

Ebuild in Layman

We are added the ebuild to an LaymanOverlay

layman -a amielke-overlay

Posted by Mario Loderer 2012-08-12

Add new Gentoo Ebuilds

Ebuild for Version 2.0.2 und 2.99-Beta added.

Posted by Mario Loderer 2012-06-28

Add Gentoo Ebuild

An Ebuild for Gentoo Majorversions were added. The packages includes also an SVN-Ebuild Verion 9999. :)

Posted by Mario Loderer 2012-03-09