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Lightweight IDE / News: Recent posts

Debugger getting closer

I have been working on the debugger interface, and most of the internals are in place. Integrating it with the IDE is te next step.

Also, uploads to Sourceforge will be more frequent, since SF has improved the upload interface.

Posted by Ragnemalm 2008-10-16

Version 0.2 and 0.2.1 posted

The much improved versions 0.2 and now 0.2.1 have been posted on, the project home page. They can not yet be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Also the project has changed Sourceforge name from "lwp" to "lightweight-ide".

Posted by Ragnemalm 2007-07-19

New version coming soon

I have been working on a much improved version of Lightweight IDE. More details on the home page,

Posted by Ragnemalm 2007-07-11

New version of Lightweight Pascal IDE with Source

The visible changes are not so many (settings moved to standard place, by request) but the changes under the hood are substantial. Several nasty bugs, that caused LWP to crash or lock up, have been fixed, and there are a few other improvements too. I find this so much better that it might qualify as the first fully usable version. (But far from final. There is a lot to do and discuss concerning editing and debugging.)... read more

Posted by Don Merlin 2007-02-25