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Light Portal Release 1.0.1 is now available

Light Portal 1.0.1

New features:

1. Supports OpenID authentication.
2. Display topic when replying Forum.
3. Added new paginator page which is reused by RSS, recommended news etc.
4. RSS reader can detect iframe, if it is from iframe, then set flag, internal Forum will check flag to show layout or just content.
5. Added ConnectionService/ConnectionDao.


1. Light.js load the javascript before the html page for loading/refresh portlet content.
2. When moving portlet position, the highlighter position is not correct.
3. Lost current page when refresh browser.
4. FlashGamePortlet and it's JSP bugs.
5. Group portlets bugs.
6. My Music portlet with wrong URL bugs.
7. RSS forum/blog feed doesn't support utf-8.
8. Send message bugs from friends and forum portlet.
9. Hard code url prefix for profile, group URL.
10. My horoscope portlet bugs.

Posted by Stanley Lam 2009-03-08

Light Portal 1.0 Release

Light Portal is proud to present the official 1.0 release under GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. To find out more information about Light Portal, go to

* Ajax and Java based Portal framework.
* Supports JSR 168 Portlet API programming model.
* Built in with social network functions, includes user profile, connections, groups, plus over 50 portlets pre-bundled.
* Supports Personalized pages for all users, end users can easily add, edit or delete page or sub page.
* Contains multiple pre-built themes and UI window appearances, also supports customization.
* Supports multiple mobile browsers, such as iPhone, Opera mini etc.
* Supports Internationalizaiton (i18n).
* Supports on most of the application servers, servlet containers, databases and operating systems.
* Integrated with Spring MVC framework, Apache Lucene, MyFaces, WebWork 2 and more.
* Data mining user preferences.
* Enterprise Organization Management.

Posted by Stanley Lam 2009-02-14