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LightingBolt 1.2 Released

* Boosted CPU main clock to 96[MHz].
* Reduced kernel size to a minimum of about 7[KB].
* Improved context switch by correctly saving and restoring the IRQ stack. Version 1.0 assumed the IRQ stack can be reset after the context switch is finished.
* Idle task is now scheduled if and only if no other task is ready to run.
* Created 3 targets: MCBSTR9 evaluation board, pure kernel and simulator.
* Updated documentation.
* Added scripts to automatically build and flash all project targets.
* Fixed some PC-lint issues.
* Removed redundant synchronization event interface.
* Context switch period and timer service period measurement unit is now microsecond.
* Removed redundant timer polling/general timer bug fix.

Posted by Tamir Michael 2009-09-07

LightingBolt 1.0 is released

'LightingBolt', a task scheduler for an ARM9 platform, is now available for download.

Posted by Tamir Michael 2009-02-23