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1.8.5 (stable)

This release fixes building against libindicate, visibility of search folders in reduced feed list mode and reimplements feed title matching in search folders.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-04-14

1.9.3 (unstable)

This release fixes some regressions and adds an new item read history navigation feature, a full screen mode option and Liferea will now request the dark theme variant when compiled for GTK+ 3.0

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-30

1.8.4 (stable)

This release among other things fixes item pane resets on feed updates. Please upgrade!

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-28

1.9.2 (unstable)

This changes for this release are the same as for 1.8.3. Please upgrade from 1.9.x!

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-23

1.8.3 (stable)

This release replaces the sqliteasync solution with sqlite3 3.7+ WAL journaling. This improves performance on ext4 significantly, but increases the chance of data loss a bit. Still this is a use case suggested by the sqlite documentation to ease write load.

If you run Liferea on an ext4 filesystem and experience performance problems please upgrade to this release!

Feedback is very welcome!

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-23

1.9.1 (unstable)

This release fixes theme color support for the welcome screen for dark GTK themes. It also provides the performance fixes from 1.8.2

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-18

1.8.2 (stable)

This is release tries to improve overall performance by avoid internal DB updates and VACUUM on startup. VACUUMing is now performed only when a certain level of fragmentation in the sqlite3 database file is detected.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-18

1.8.1 (stable)

This is a bugfix release fixing proxy, feed update, data parsing and a drag&drop problem. Please upgrade!

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-03

1.6.8 (stable)

I decided to create another 1.6 release because of a really
inconvenient bug in the drag&drop handling.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2012-03-01

1.9.0 (unstable)

This is the first release of the new unstable line focussed on migrating to the GTK3/GNOME3 world. This is the first Liferea release that can be compiled against GTK2 as well as GTK3.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-12-23

1.8.0 (stable)

It's finally done. The new stable line with many performance improvements and better Google Reader and TinyTinyRss 1.5+ support.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-12-10

1.6.7 (stable)

This bugfix release is due to a data loss bug of items in newsbins lost when their parent items where deleted. It also fixes a comment items leak that might slow down setups over time.

Please upgrade to avoid loosing newsbin items!

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-11-28

1.8 RC2 (unstable)

This is the second 1.8 release candidate fixing a DnD segfault in the Google Reader support and a DB record leak in the comment handling. It also provides tons of new translations from

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-11-16

1.8-RC1 (unstable)

This release is the first 1.8 release candidate. It also fixes a serious regression in 1.7.6 which looses read state on feed updates. Please upgrade!

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-09-14

1.6.6 (stable)

This will be the last 1.6 maintenance release. It removes obselete Bloglines support, fixes incorrect HTTP 301 handling, updates 4 translations and fixes several minor bugs.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-06-21

1.7.6 (unstable)

This release fixes DnD issues, provides Google Reader label support and allows subscribing to tt-rss 1.5+

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-06-21

1.7.5 (unstable)

This release finishes the reimplementation of the search and search folder implementation. It also improves the tt-rss support implementation to be fully useful (while not being optimal yet).

Posted by Lars Windolf 2011-04-14

1.6.5 (stable)

This release contains bugfixes and translation additions.

Posted by Adrian Bunk 2010-09-28

1.6.4 (stable)

This release fixes Google Reader authentication and some smaller issues.

Posted by Adrian Bunk 2010-06-30

1.6.3 (stable)

Fixes never ending password prompt for Google Reader.

Posted by Adrian Bunk 2010-02-22

1.7.4 (unstable)

This release contains small improvements compared to 1.7.3.

Posted by Adrian Bunk 2010-02-16

1.7.3 (unstable)

This release brings bugfixes and many improvements.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2010-01-26

1.6.2 (stable)

This is a bugfix release. It fixes a proxy authentication problem. Please upgrade.

Posted by Lars Windolf 2010-01-26

1.6.1 (stable)

This release contains bug fixes and translation updates. Upgrading is highly recommended.

Posted by Adrian Bunk 2009-11-19

1.7.2 (unstable)

This release contains several fixes and improvements.

Posted by Adrian Bunk 2009-11-19

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