A quick question that I haven't been able to find an answer to: is it
possible to disable Liferea's connection to Network Manager for
determining its online/offline status on startup?  I've got a wireless
connection that is set up independently of Network Manager (which
doesn't handle it well), and every time I start Liferea, it starts in
offline mode, because Network Manager thinks the machine is offline.
I've seen that there's a compile-configure option called "disable-nm",
but I'm wondering if it's possible to decouple Liferea from Network
Manager without recompiling, e.g. thru gconf.  Epiphany, for example,
has a gconf option called "managed_network" that, when set to false,
allows you to bypass the Network Manager check.  I haven't been able
to find any such thing in Liferea's gconf schema.  In the meantime, I
can use Liferea perfectly well by manually toggling the online/offline
button after starting up, but this is obviously a little bit annoying.

(I'm running Liferea 1.4.15 on Debian Lenny, btw)

Thanks for any response, and for your excellent work!