I've been working a little bit on the media player and just submitted a patch to make it seekable by moving the slider.

I have an idea for an improvement on the media player that I thought I should run here before I possibly start hacking.

Currently, you can go to an item with a media player (such as a podcast) and press play, and then keep browsing through your feeds while it is playing. I think this is great! However, there are some problems:

* If you want to stop the playback, you'll have to navigate back to the entry where the media player is embedded. You might not even remember where this is...
* If you happen to open another item which has a media player, your playback is  automatically stopped.

My suggestion is that instead of embedding the media player in the actual item, it should appear "globally" in the UI. I'm thinking of the bottom panel in Gedit. This is an area at the bottom of the window, with a notebook (tabs) that plugins can attach to. You can try this out by installing plugins for Gedit ("gedit-plugins" in Debian/Ubuntu), enabling plugins such as Terminal and Python Console, and then check "bottom panel" in the View menu. Here's screenshot for those of you who don't have gedit installed: https://dumpyourphoto.com/photo/FQWqId1aNs

In the actual feed item with a media enclosure, there should be a simple button that opens (or queues?) the media player in the bottom panel. This is then active at the bottom while you move around in Liferea until you close it.

The bottom panel, of course, should be a general space for plugins to attach their UI to, not just the media player. I can see many use cases for this.

Thoughts on this?

Simon Kågedal Reimer