1.8.15 is a maintenance release fixing some bugs. It also introduces a backport of the Google Reader migration feature introduced in 1.10. This allows you to convert you Google Reader subscription to local Liferea subscription keeping all items downloaded so far.

Note: This migration will also work after Google Reader shutting down, as Liferea keeps a local cache of the Google Reader items.

Please upgrade to this release if you are/were using Google Reader and click "Convert to Local Subscriptions" from the context menu of the subscription list to migrate your Google data. Read more here:


        * Added an option to convert Google Reader subscriptions
          to local feeds (Lars Windolf)
        * Fixes SF #1080: segfault opening attachment due to incorrect g_free()
          (reported by Adam Nielsen)
        * Fixes SF #1075: GLib warnings of "string != NULL" assertion failure
          (reported by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
        * Fixes search folders including comment items
          (reported by David Willmore)

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