On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 9:58 PM, Craig Barnes <craigbarnes85@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi. I would like to be able to update my feeds automatically each day
via a cron job. Is this possible somehow? Would it be feasible to add
a command-line option to Liferea that updates all feeds (or perhaps
only a specific group) and returns a status code and/or desktop
notification if there's something new?

I'm willing to work on such a feature if it's deemed to be a
reasonable idea and I haven't overlooked any existing solution.

Hi Graig!

We currently have an DBUS interface: http://lzone.de/liferea/dbus.htm

While it does not have an update all option yet one could be added very easily.
Note though that Liferea needs to be running for this.

By also adding a method to return the unread count you could fetch it before
and after updating.

A command line option itself doesn't make much sense as the program
needs to be started anyway.