this is a 1.10 bugfix release. Please upgrade! It provides fixes for proxy issues, theme color issues, GStreamer 1.0 support and some schema problems.

This release introduces SOCKS proxy support through libproxy.


        * Fixes SF #1059: Liferea crashes with system proxy enabled
          (reported by genodeftest)
        * Fixes SF #1095: Theme color detection bug / white fonts.
          (reported by David Smith and others)
        * Fixes SF #1097: Default feed refresh interval cannot be set to 0
          (reported by stqn)
        * Fixes SF #1100: --debug-gui crashes with segmentation fault
          (reported by genodeftest)
        * Fixes SF #1101: Outdated manpage
          (reported by genodeftest)
        * Patch SF #225: Make media player work with GStreamer 1.0
          (Simon Kågedal Reimer)
        * Patch SF #226: Add trailing semi-colon to MimeType so that the desktop
          file validates (Yanko Kaneti)
        * Patch SF #227: Remove letfover square bracket configure.ac
          (Yanko Kaneti)
        * Patch SF #228: Add net.sf.liferea.gschema.xml to AC_CONFIG_FILES
          (Yanko Kaneti)