On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 12:07 PM, Razvan Deaconescu <razvan@rosedu.org> wrote:

I've encountered problems when using Liferea subscribing to a Redmine
Atom feed, as described in the subject.

I'm using multiple instances of Redmine[1][2] on the same server. For
security purpose, there is a HTTP to HTTPS redirection. The server is
using SNI (Server Name Indication) for HTTPS virtual hosts. When using
Liferea to subscribe to overall activity Atom feed, I get an error for
the second site, as seen in this screenshot[3].

I've created a test account for this; these links[4][5] are the
key-based links to the Atom feeds for the two sites. I've validated them
through Feed Validator[6]. All is OK, just that it doesn't properly work
in Liferea.

Is this an Liferea issue or a configuration error on my side?

I'm using Liferea 1.6.5, directly installed from Debian testing

Later investigation. This seems to extend to other feeds as well, as
long as the "use HTTPS" and "run on the same server" conditions are
fulfilled. When using RSS feed[7] in Liferea, the same error is
signaled; however, if using HTTP instead of HTTP, it works.


[1] https://koala.cs.pub.ro/redmine/
[2] https://p2p-next.cs.pub.ro/redmine/
[3] http://imageshack.us/f/843/razvandeaconesculiferea.png/
[6] http://feedvalidator.org/
[7] https://wiki.cs.pub.ro/feed.php?linkto=diff&content=diff&mode=recent


Using your test feeds [4] and [5] and latest git master (but 1.8 RC-1 should
do it too) I cannot reproduce the issue. Can you please retest with the latest