Hi everyone,

Today I release 1.8-RC2, which hopefully will be the last release before 1.8.0.
Thanks to Adrian Bunk for all the merged translations! Here are the changes:

        * Fixes Basque feed list. (Mikel Olasagasti)
        * Added user template CSS that helps users
          changing the CSS definitions and is installed
          into the cache directory per default.
          (suggested by Jeff Fortin)
        * Fixes SF #3349330: Segfault when dropping
          folders into Google Reader subscription.
          (reported by no|disc)
        * Fixes SF #3046762: DB contains old comment items
          of deleted feed entries.
          (reported by FuturePilot)

        * Added Latvian translation. (Rihards Pried��tis, R��dolfs Mazurs)
        * Added Lithuanian translation. (Mindaugas Baranauskas)
        * Updated Basque translation. (Mikel Olasagasti Uranga)
        * Updated Chinese/Simplified translation. (Aron Xu)
        * Updated Dutch translation. (Erwin Poeze)
        * Updated Hungarian translation. (Gabor Kelemen)
        * Updated Russian translation. (Leonid Selivanov)
        * Updated Swedish translation. (Daniel Nylander)
        * Updated Ukrainian translation. (Yuri Chornoivan)