On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 9:02 PM, Chris Siebenmann <cks@cs.toronto.edu> wrote:
 (Really) old versions of Liferea (I just upgraded from Liferea 1.2.23)
would flag entries that had updated titles or contents with an updated
icon. The current version doesn't do this any more; looking at the code
history in git suggests that this fell off back in Liferea 1.4. The
'updateStatus' item field is still tracked in the database and sort of
maintained in the code, but nothing displays it any more.

 I've developed a patch for my own use that restores the updated status
icon and associated support for it (including fixing a bug with tracking
the updated status properly). Are the main developers interested in such
a patch in general, although probably at some point in the future given
that you're in the 1.8 RC process?

(If you're interested in the patch right now, I can send it in. If
you're interested in the patch when 1.9 development opens up, I can
sit on it until then.)

Hi Chris!

The updated status icon (and state) was removed after usability discussions.
Many users did report not understanding what it meant. Also the gray and bold
indication of the status was not GTK theming compatible as it looks very odd
in some themes (or invisible in gray themes) and many users did report that
they do not see an optical difference. Another issue was that we got reports
that items were marked "unread" incorrectly.

So this specific feature lead to so many misconceptions that I believe it
should not be supported.

What is your use case for the updated items?

With Best Regards,