Hi!! First of all I would like to thank you for this great feed reader, you are always doing a great work!! :)

I write for a feature request. I think it would be very interesting to implement something like a blacklist and whitelist of words for each feed channel. This way, when a feed had a word in the blacklist, it wouldn't download the new updates which would have the word listed in the title.

For example, if I have a recipes feed but I don't like fish, I could go to the feed properties and in a new "filter" tag or something like that put the next commands: -fish, -tuna.
And then, in my recipes feeds will never appear recipes which contains the words fish and tuna in the title.

Another example. If I have a sports feed but I don't like football and basket, but I want to now the news about my national team I culd put the next commands: -football, -basket, +"Spanish team", +national. This way, I won't have new news with football and basket, but despite it would say football or basket at the title, if it speaks about spanish team or national they will appear.

I really think this would be a great tool to personalize our feeds and to save time not to reading news that we aren't intersted in. It could be a step ahead in our rss feeds way of reading. 

What do you think?