On tor, jul 11, 2013 at 8:02 , Lars Windolf <lars.lindner@gmail.com> wrote:
Actually I recently was able to get a Feedly account and the API is available.

Oh, great!

I meant to tell you that I have some working code for syncing with the Selfoss (http://selfoss.aditu.de) feed reader sitting in a local git [...]
If the code is simple and easy to maintain I think we should consider adding it.

Allright, cool. Well, the code is heavily based on the ttrss source, and has pretty much the exact same functionality, so it should be familiar. :) The web API is simple enough. I did have to modify net.c to allow for DELETE http requests which is used for removing subscriptions. Hmm, I remember now I have some work left to do on authentication. 

[media player patch]
I promise to work on it soon and get it included in 10.0.1.


Regards, Simon