Liferea is reporting an error with a feed at:-

The error message says it could not detect the type of the feed. However if I validate it using FeedValidator as suggested, although it does have a real error it seems to be caused by a spurious character 0x1F in the middle of the content text, not that it isn't a feed. I've been subscribed to this for a long time without problems.

This is the output from Liferea...


There were errors while parsing this feed!

Could not detect the type of this feed! Please check if the source really points to a resource provided in one of the supported syndication formats!

XML Parser Output:
The URL you want Liferea to subscribe to points to a webpage and the auto discovery found no feeds on this page. Maybe this webpage just does not support feed auto discovery. Could not determine the feed type.

You may want to validate the feed using FeedValidator


Nevertheless I can't help feeling that the parser should be a little more tolerant of garbage like this in the middle of CDATA sections.

John Dablin