On 11/12/10 00:35, Kirk Bridger wrote:

On 11/11/2010 04:12 AM, Paul Keusemann wrote:

Just a data point from a user but I always configure Firefox to move the tab close button to the far right of the tab bar.  I have accidentally closed tabs too often.  With fewer tabs, this is less of a problem but still possible.


That's an interesting point - I remember when Firefox had the close tab icon next to the tab bar rather than on the tab itself.  They switched though, and I wondered why.  Apparently some Google people did some usability testing back in 2005 [1] about tabbed browsing, including where to put the close button.  It seems that most people couldn't find it and used the context menu instead.  Firefox today still defaults to having the close icon on the tab itself.

I don't think Liferea even supports a context menu on the tab.

Nope.  At least not in 1.4.22.

I understand about the accidentally closing tabs though.

Firefox supports both, I wonder if Liferea could too?

That would be my preference.

I'd still advocate that the default should be on the tab though - sorry Paul :)

I'm fine with that as long as I have the option.  Again, it's less of an issue for me with Liferea because I don't use tabs that much.  As I mentioned above I still running 1.4.22 (because I have not been able to get new versions to build due to problems with the dependencies) and viewing feeds in tabs is iffy at best.  If I can't get off of 1.4, I'll never see the changes you're talking about here anyway. :-)

One last benefit of having it on the tab is that you can close the tab without first giving focus to the tab - very handy for those that have many tabs open.

I agree but generally when I am closing tabs I am closing the one I just selected, either because I just finished reading it or because I had to look at it to see if I have read it or still want to read it.  Deleting via the context menu would also be usable in that situation.  My tab habits mostly come from using Firefox.  Generally, I use tabs as a reminder to read something that looks interesting that I don't have time for right now.  In liferea, I'll skim the feed headers and if I find something that looks interesting, I'll open it in a tab and continue skimming the feed or  group of feeds in a folder.  For example, I have a folder which just contains online comic feeds.  So I open the folder, hit
n or click Next Unread depending on where my hand is and read the comics that display inline.  For those that require opening, I'll open them in a tab or in a browser depending on whether or not they display correctly in liferea and continue on to the end of the group.  Then I'll go back and read the stuff I've opened in a tab.  I may wait until much later to read longer articles.

Sorry about the long-winded description.  As I said above, I don't have a real strong opinion about the close tab button in liferea but I hope this helps.



[1] http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/ben/archives/009210.html
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