Why such a choice? I find it very useful. With the search folders, it's possible (and easily and quickly) finding interesting articles because the non-interesting ones have been deleted.
Will this function be integrated in a future version?
For me, it is the only negative point of this RSS aggregator.

Le 04/11/2010 12:48, Lars Lindner a écrit :
On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 11:31 AM, R. Moreau <divers@acwed.net> wrote:
I use Liferea past few days and I really like the search folders.

But when I delete a item from a feed, automatically and immediately,
Liferea re-downloads it again.
I've read this : http://liferea.sourceforge.net/faq.htm#items-keep-new
I tested my feeds with feedvalidator.org, and they are all OK.
I tested my feeds with akregator and I don't have this problem. When I
delete an item, it's definitively deleted and doesn't come back !

How do I permanently delete a message ? Is there an option to check that
I have not seen ?
You didn't miss an option.

The delete-item feature only makes sense for older items which
are not covered by the feed anymore. Liferea doesn't remember
which items were deleted to avoid refetching them.

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