#810 Crash with duplicated feeds


With Liferea 1.6 I've decided to use Google Reader to centralize my reading habits. Instead of using VNC to acess my personal Liferea when I'm not at home, I would just use another Liferea instance, having everything syncronized via Google Reader.

The first thing I did was create a Google Reader account and add a news feed to it (OSNews RSS feed to be exact). It's important to say that I already had that feed on Liferea. Since the feeds created on Google Reader stay under the Google Reader "folder", in Liferea, I though about moving that item to Liferea's "root feed folder".

Liferea then crashed and now I get this message when I try to open it, unsucessfully:

ERROR:ui_node.c:195:ui_node_add: assertion failed: (NULL == ui_node_to_iter (node->id))


  • Rupert Swarbrick

    To create the situation that causes this bug, you can currently try moving a feed from the 'Google Reader' folder to the root folder while liferea's updating. When the update finishes, liferea segfaults (about to open another bug about that) and when the dust has cleared, you have two opml files each of which contains a reference to the same node id, triggering the above error.

  • Rupert Swarbrick

    Have added a patch that fixes the second segfault on the 'Patch tracker', id 2855984. (Crikey, sf trackers are hard work)

  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2009-09-23

    Thanks for both bug report and patch!

    Patch for second issue merged with SVN trunk, to be released with 1.7.2

  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2009-09-23
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