#1145 liferea_htmlview_write(): liferea killed by SIGTRAP


For more info (e.g. backtrace) please see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1080616.

Description of problem:

Loaded item "Za hazard s lidskou tváří na Praze 1" from http://a2larm.cz/feed/atom/, got crash.

The feed does not validate at the moment: http://feedvalidator.org/check.cgi?url=http%3A%2F%2Fa2larm.cz%2Ffeed%2Fatom%2F

line 26, column 2: XML parsing error: <unknown>:26:2: undefined entity [help]
            <category scheme="http://a2larm.cz" term="HATE&rsquo;N&rsquo;LOL" /><categ ...

Version-Release number of selected component:

Additional info:
cmdline: liferea
crash_function: liferea_htmlview_write
executable: /usr/bin/liferea
kernel: 3.13.6-200.fc20.x86_64

Truncated backtrace:
Thread no. 1 (10 frames)
#2 liferea_htmlview_write at liferea_htmlview.c:318
#3 htmlview_update at htmlview.c:415
#4 itemview_update at itemview.c:278
#5 comments_refresh at comments.c:234
#6 itemlist_selection_changed at itemlist.c:585
#7 on_itemlist_selection_changed at item_list_view.c:287
#8 _g_closure_invoke_va at gclosure.c:840
#10 g_signal_emit_by_name at gsignal.c:3426
#11 gtk_tree_view_row_deleted at gtktreeview.c:9165
#16 gtk_tree_model_row_deleted at gtktreemodel.c:1867


  • Michal Nowak

    Michal Nowak - 2014-03-27

    ...and it's not fixed in 1.10.8.

  • David Smith

    David Smith - 2014-03-27

    Confirmed here with 1.10.8.

    This even shows up in my kernel log:
    traps: liferea[2617] trap int3 ip:7f186b459491 sp:7fff561d15a0 error:0

    This pops out of liferea's console:

    (liferea:2661): ERROR : Invalid encoded UTF8 buffer passed to HTML widget!
    Trace/breakpoint trap

    Full bt attached

    Last edit: David Smith 2014-03-27
  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2014-11-23

    The problem here is that Liferea relies on libxml2 for input validation. The assertion in src/ui/liferea_htmlview.c is a safe-guard to never let through invalid UTF-8. In most cases libxml2 is able to strip invalid chars, but obviously not in all.

    I'll think about replacing the assertion with an info message to be displayed in the HTML pane. Then the user won't experience a "crash".

  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2014-11-23
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Lars Windolf

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