#1143 Missing po/Makefile.in.in?

David Smith

Just grabbed 1.10.7 off of github (https://github.com/lwindolf/liferea/archive/v1.10.7.tar.gz)

As always, the configure.ac references a po/Makefile.in.in file. However, I noticed that now this file doesn't exist.

So I had to grab a po/Makefile.in.in file from a previous version (1.10.4, I think) and that seemed to do the trick.

Am I missing something obvious here or is this just a packaging bug?


  • David Smith

    David Smith - 2014-03-18

    So I just realized po/Makefile.in.in is automatically created by autogen.sh

    This is not a bug, so you can close it out.

  • Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

    Well, it is a bug that tarballs aren't shipping that file. Tarball users shouldn't be forced to call autogen.sh, that's why we ship Makefile.in files and a configure script, rather than just Makefile.am and configure.ac and so on.

  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2014-11-23
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Lars Windolf

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