• Robert Simms

    Robert Simms - 2003-09-05

    The # isn't mentioned as a comment character in the Codeset Conversion section.  I had to look at examples to see how to comment an entire line in my embedded translation table.

    So, could someone add to the docs maybe, something like:

    The # character is also used for comments.  Two are required to comment an entire line.  One is required when a comment follows a translation specification.

    • elsapo

      elsapo - 2005-01-30

      Actually it takes two hash marks (##) at the start of the line.

      I'm adding it to ll-userguide.xml right now.

    • elsapo

      elsapo - 2005-01-30

      I also documented the commands for naming the translation table, and for using an alternate separator, and put in a brief description of subcodings (ie, html or latex conversions).


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