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due to several reasons v.03.00.00 will be the last version containing the GUI coded in perl.

lida is currently beeing redeveloped into plain C.
probably there will follow 1 further last version of lida with perl/TK GUI, which makes it easy to compile the backend and libdisasm, as I see problems users have using
the shared library which was not compiled on their native system.

Posted by Mario Schallner 2004-12-13

lida 00.03.00 released

lida 00.03.00 has been released

- export disassembly to textfile
- display data sections
- added bookmarks
- bugfixes

Posted by Mario Schallner 2004-12-05

linux interactive disassembler v00.02 released! (new engine)

lida came one step further, it now does control flow disassembly, and has a better gui!
this features
disassembling engine:
- analyzing execution flow of binary
- disassembling of all regions (code + data)
- lookup of indirect addressing while disassembling
- real scan for functions
- "heuristic" scan for glibc main() functions
- optional disassembling of code caves
- representation of data bytes within code areas... read more

Posted by Mario Schallner 2004-08-10

lida v.0.1.4 - including cryptoanalyzer

lida v0.1.4 has been relaesed!

besides some bugfixes, now the cryptoanalyzer has been added.
it currently detects
ripemd160, md2, md4, md5, blowfish, cast, des, rc2, sha(1+2)

Posted by Mario Schallner 2004-08-06

lida - linux interactive disassembler v0.1 released!

The linux interactive disassembler v0.1 pre release (binary+code) is online now!
Please have a look at the release notes!

Posted by Mario Schallner 2004-08-02

lida - approaching version 0.1

Added string data references :)
approaching v0.1!

Posted by Mario Schallner 2004-07-20