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License Status v3.7 Released

License Status is now available on GitHub.

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2014-09-01

License Status v3.6 Released

This release improves the parsing of users that have spaces in their name or display.

To do this some rules were added that attempt to determine the user's host or display. These rules are relatively simple, so there will be situations where the user's information will not parse correctly. In those cases any spaces will be assumed to be part of the user's name.

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2012-10-23

License Status v3.5 Released

This update provides support for multiple checkouts by the same user.

For some situations a user can check out more than one license from the same host and display. In the lmstat report this is shown as:

user11 comp11 comp11 (v2.0) (SERVER1/27001 209), start Sun 9/16 8:21, 2 licenses

License Status will now read the number of licenses checked out and display it in the new 'Checked out' column. By default this column is not displayed, but it can be turned on anytime.... read more

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2012-09-18

License Status v3.4 Released

A quick update which corrects another language related problem. This corrects the problem where the checkout time was not displayed for all but a few English languages.

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2012-07-27

License Status v3.3 Released

License Status has been updated to correct a problem where it would crash when refreshing the status. This was caused by the language Windows was using, effectively making it unusable on all but a few English languages. Now it will work with all languages.

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2012-07-27

License Status v3.2 Released

I've released v3.2 of License Status with these changes:

  • You can now turn on and off columns in the detail view.

  • Trying out a new application icon. It's Metro inspired so it doesn't exactly fit with the typical Windows 7/XP icons, but it's a lot easier to draw.

  • The class library, LicenseManager.dll, is now using .NET 4.0 like the rest of the application.

  • Various internal changes.

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2012-06-19

Improved Multiple Monitor Support

License Status had basic support for multiple monitors in that the window would be restored to whichever monitor it was last used on. The problem was that it would restore to a monitor even if the monitor was disconnected. I've updated it to ensure that the window will be visible regardless of monitor configuration or resolution changes.

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2012-04-03

License Status v3.0 Released

It's been a while, but I've finally taken the time to upgrade License Status to use .NET Framework 4.0. Functionally nothing has changed, but visually you should notice that the font display is sharper.
Previous versions which only require .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 are still available.

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2012-03-07

License Status v2.3 Released

License Status is an alternative to using LMTools or the lmstat command line to get the current status of FLEXlm/FLEXnet licenses. The goal is to display the status in a more usable form, allowing sorting and grouping of the users/features list. Multiple licenses can be displayed. For those parts of lmstat that are not shown (such as redundant server information) the original lmstat report can be viewed.... read more

Posted by Charles Bozarth 2009-10-19

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