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libyahoo2 v0.7.7 Released

Fixes issues with build failures against recent versions of glibc headers.

Posted by Ray Van Dolson 2008-06-01

libyahoo2 v0.7.6 Released

This releases fixes the recent authentication issues caused by Yahoo's protocol bump. It also pulls in a lot of the features and improvements made over the last few years available only in the SVN release. Preliminary Windows support has been introduced as well.

Posted by Ray Van Dolson 2008-04-28

libyahoo2 version 0.7.5 is now available

Finally, I have a release out. This has all fixes necessary for Yahoo's authentication, plus various bug fixes and a change to the yahoo_add_buddy function to allow a message to be sent to the buddy...

Posted by A. Craig West 2004-08-09

Yahoo Authentication

Yahoo made changes to their servers earlier today, breaking our authentication code. This is affecting a number of projects. We are working on it, hopefully the problem will be resolved soon...

Posted by A. Craig West 2004-06-24