deinterlace video

  • Pavol Potancok

    Pavol Potancok - 2011-06-01

    Hi, I'm using libxine to play a TS stream from a sattelite receiver. It works fine, however the image needs to be deinterlaced. How can I enable/disable deinterlacing in libxine?

  • Matthias Ringwald

    hi. libxine-java allows access to most/all functionality of libxine. I have no idea how to control the deinterlacing in libxine. If you find out how to do that, you can try to do the same in libxine-java.

  • Pavol Potancok

    Pavol Potancok - 2011-06-02

    Thanks freckle, I'll go though the C libxine sources and will try to find the functions for deinterlacing there.


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